Welcome to St Mary’s Walkley

Greetings from St Mary’s,

As you may be aware, the Church of England has now suspended public worship in order to minimise the risk of spreading the coronavirus (COVID-19). We have been told very clearly that this means no one (except ministers) should be attending the church for worship. This means the church will be closed from Sunday 22nd March (and we will put a sign on the door to explain this for any visitors).

We aim to publish the readings, sermons and prayers of intercession on this website in advance of the normal service times, see here. While we cannot meet in person, this allows us to join together in prayer, wherever we are. Audio recordings of the sermons and written intercessions will normally be available from 9am on the relevant Sunday. 

Since those meeting in the Community Hall encounter very similar risks to those meeting for worship, the Hall is therefore closed for the immediate future. (We are taking necessary steps to ensure the property is maintained in good order). 

You can also join midday prayer on weekdays, using the Church of England’s “Time to Pray” app (for smartphones) or David Adam’s prayer cycle. (Print copies available on request.)



The Parish of St Mary’s Walkley is committed to high standards in the safeguarding and care of children, young people and vulnerable adults. Our Safeguarding Officer is Catherine Burchell, who can be contacted by email at safeguarding@stmaryswalkley.co.uk. St Mary’s has adopted the national church Safeguarding Policy and it can be read in full by following this link: Promoting a Safer Church.


Normal Welcome

St Mary’s is a place of beauty and peace. It was built to the Glory of God, and to serve the community. It is the parish church of Walkley, part of the Church of England, and has a weekly pattern of “traditional” worship, including hymns, prayer and Holy Commmunion. St Mary’s preserves much of the history of Walkley and is a focus for community events. It is an excellent venue for concerts and exhibitions, and a resource for local schools. We are working to get the church open and available for anyone to enjoy throughout the day. The community hall adjoining the church provides disabled access and is available for hire.

All are welcome to worship with us at the following regular services:

  • Sunday 10:30am Parish Eucharist
  • Sunday 6:30pm Evening Prayer or Holy Communion
  • Wednesday 9:30am Holy Communion

To visit St Mary’s when we aren’t open for services please contact:
-The Church Wardens (Carol on 07801 685378 or Vicky on 0114 2324943)

For special services and events see our event pages.